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Does your class fulfill the training requirement to receive a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) and a MA Firearms Identification Card (FID)2022-10-09T13:40:34+00:00

Yes, Our class meets the requirements set forth by law in Massachusetts to obtain a Massachusetts License to Carry, a MA FID Card.  We suggest applying for the LTC if you are 21 or over.  You must be 21 to apply for an LTC in MA, but you do not need an FID to apply for an LTC.  Applicants can apply for an FID card, from the age of 15-17, with a parent’s permission.

Where do I apply for a license to carry in Massachusetts?2022-10-09T13:39:53+00:00

Your Local Police Department in the City or Town Where you live is where you will apply.  Your local Massachusetts municipal Police Department (i.e. the police department in your city or town) issues Licenses to Carry (LTC) and Firearms ID Cards (FID) from the police department licensing officer.  You will need to attend a firearms safety class before applying for your firearms permit in Massachusetts.

Do I need to take a Live fire class to get my LTC, or FID?2022-10-09T13:38:13+00:00

Students who live in Quincy, Weymouth, Hingham, Rockland and Sharon are required to take a course in Live Fire training before applying for their license.  Brookline residents have a specific range qualification requirement. If you do not live in one of these communities, we suggest taking the live fire class after obtaining your license, so the information is fresh in your mind when you are prepared/ licensed to buy a gun. You MUST take our Basic Safety class in Rockland, FIRST, before taking a live fire class.

Will I receive a “Restricted” license from my Town?2022-10-09T13:37:40+00:00

Due to the recent Supreme Court Ruling, MA no longer issues restricted licenses.  If you are approved to receive a License to Carry in MA, it will be issued without restrictions.

Can I own a gun in my home or place of business without a license in Massachusetts?2022-10-09T13:36:43+00:00

In Massachusetts you cannot be in possession of a firearm or ammunition without a firearms permit, there are no exceptions.

Is it complicated, or difficult to obtain a firearms permit in Massachusetts?2022-10-09T13:36:10+00:00

In Massachusetts it is a fairly simple process to obtain your License to Carry, or FID card.  So long as you have a clean criminal record, the process is straight forward.

Where can I find additional information and support as a gun owner/ future gun owner in Massachusetts?2022-10-09T13:35:23+00:00

In Massachusetts, the advocacy group that support gun owners is the Gun owners action league www.goal.org

I am worried about the possibility of the laws changing and not having my license to carry, but I’m not ready to buy a gun at this time. What should I do?2022-09-24T14:32:30+00:00

Take the training, get your LTC and purchase a firearm when you are ready. You do not need to own a firearm to get your LTC.

What type of a gun should I buy for daily carry?2022-09-24T14:30:18+00:00

This is going to depend on a number of factors including how a given firearm fits your hand and your specific reason for carrying daily. We can discuss these factors and come up with some suggestions that will work for your specific needs.

I am nervous handling a gun. Is this normal?2022-09-24T14:29:53+00:00

Not only is it normal, it is healthy to have a fear and respect for a firearm. Time and practice will help you to become more comfortable handling firearms.

I hear that certain towns/ cities make it impossible to get a LTC. Is this the case for me?2022-09-24T14:29:24+00:00

Before you schedule your class, we will take a look at the town you live in and their track record of issuing licenses. As a part of our curriculum, we provide you with a copy of the required application for your LTC.

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5 Star Rated Class, in business 10 years, thousands of happy students.

Tom is a great instructor. He knows the area very well and does a great job answering questions and making you feel like you learned something. I found his class through Google and it worked out very well.

Shawn Silva

Tom is top notch. Clear and concise about a very serious subject. Your life and your family’s lives. Do not hesitate to use him as your instructor.

Dave McCreary

Great class, very informative and helpful. Tom has great energy and is very engaging. I would recommend the class to anyone looking to apply for a LTC or FID.

Lisa Ceccarini

jamal Francis
jamal Francis
Class was great, Tom was detailed learned a lot with each scenario, gained knowledge and a better understanding of laws
Arthur Tarnovean
Arthur Tarnovean
I took this gun training course on Dec 11, 2023 given by the owner / trainer Tom WeitbrechtI. I was very impressed with his performance and knowledge. He shared with the class a lot of information not only on gun safety but also on state and federal gun laws.
Jason Walker
Jason Walker
Great class. Very professional and informative. Tom really goes into not only gun safety but gun liability, which was super helpful. Great all around!!
Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy
Took the gun training class on Saturday morning not knowing what to expect. Tom gave a little bit of his background and then went into instruction of guns/ammunition, safety and laws of gun ownership. The class was very informative and included by-the-book instruction as well as real world knowledge. I know Tom will be there to answer any questions that I may have in the future. I would highly recommend South Shore Gun Training to anyone interested in getting their gun license. Thank you Tom.
HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking to get their LTC. Tom is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable - the 3.5 hour class flew by. You are doing yourself a favor taking the class with South Shore Gun Training.
Will K
Will K
Tom was great! Well informed, enthusiastic, and made the overall experience and lesson very enjoyable! Would recommend this class to anyone looking to take their basic firearm safety course!!
kevin callahan
kevin callahan
Tom was great and very knowledgeable and has a great teaching style. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting your LTC.
Brendan Morrison
Brendan Morrison
I attended South Shore Gun Training in Rockland back in June for my MA LTC gun training class. I was very pleased with the experience and knowledge that Tom provided. He made sure to cover all of the information in a way that was easy to understand and follow. I went in not know much about guns, gun safety, or gun laws. However after leaving the course I had plenty of resources and notes on what Tom covered. I highly recommend taking your LTC training class at South Shore Gun Training! I also did my live fire training/Beginner Handgun Training class (required by my town to get my LTC) with South Shore Gun Training. For this course we went to Holbrook Sportsman's Club and my instructor was Joe Morgan. Again SSGT delivered a high caliber training with very useful information and practical steps to understand how to use a firearm. I had never even held a real handgun before this class but when I left I felt much more comfortable. One of the main things they stressed in both the classroom aspect and the live fire class is to practice and actually get some more handgun training. Be a responsible LTC holder and carry out safely practice your Second Amendment Right!
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