About The Instructors

Our instructors are: Competent, knowledgeable, experienced professionals.  Our class is informative, direct and comprehensive.

Tom Weitbrecht

Tom Weitbrecht is the owner of South Shore Gun Training.  He is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and South Shore resident. He is an expert in modern hand guns, ammunition and ballistics. Tom owns an extensive collection of firearms with many different types of hand guns. As a full time professional auctioneer, he’s conducted thousands of auctions and is frequently engaged in court ordered sales involving adversarial circumstances, high crime neighborhoods and large amounts of cash. Security and self defense is a daily concern in his business.

Tom is a passionate supporter of the second amendment and is a member of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners Action League. With more than a decade of experience as a precision manufacturing executive, he combines mechanical know-how and firearms knowledge to help students understand and properly select firearms that best suit their needs. Tom delivers training in an easy to understand format that prepares students to become safe and educated gun owners. He’s a respected instructor and is highly regarded by his students.

Tom Weitbrecht is a certified NRA basic pistol safety instructor, NRA certified range safety officer and Massachusetts State Police certified firearms safety instructor. MSP Instructor: BFS 003969 NRA Instructor & RSO: 188873982

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Joe possesses a manufacturing license from the ATF, a gunsmith license, and is a Master Armorer. Joe is also a co-owner of Outer Limits Pro Shop in Holbrook, MA.

Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan is a highly respected firearms instructor, championship shooter and law enforcement officer. He has won numerous awards for a range of competitive shooting contests. Joe’s long list of credentials include: FBI Certified Pistol Instructor, MA State Police Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Safety Instructor, Utah State Concealed Firearms Instructor and MA State Police LEOSA Certified Instructor. South Shore Gun Training is fortunate to have Joe on our staff as a regular instructor. His in depth knowledge of the firearms laws in MA, combined with his mechanical knowledge of firearms as a Smith & Wesson, Glock and AR15/ M16 certified Armorer round out the amazing depth, knowledge and talent he brings to firearms students.

Joe Morgan is a lifelong South Shore resident and a passionate supporter of second amendment rights. He is a member of the Gun Owners Action League and The NRA. His experience and training as a former federal law enforcement officer, current role as an active law enforcement officer, extensive collection of firearms and highly technical knowledge of ballistics is an asset to our organization.

You MUST take our non-live fire basic firearms safety class in Rockland, MA BEFORE taking our live fire class.

5 Star Rated Class, in business 9 years, thousands of happy students.

Tom is a great instructor. He knows the area very well and does a great job answering questions and making you feel like you learned something. I found his class through Google and it worked out very well.

Shawn Silva

Tom is top notch. Clear and concise about a very serious subject. Your life and your family’s lives. Do not hesitate to use him as your instructor.

Dave McCreary

Great class, very informative and helpful. Tom has great energy and is very engaging. I would recommend the class to anyone looking to apply for a LTC or FID.

Lisa Ceccarini