Tom Weitbrecht is the owner of South Shore Gun Training.  He is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and South Shore resident. He is an expert in modern hand guns, ammunition and ballistics. Tom owns an extensive collection of firearms with many different types of hand guns. As a full time professional auctioneer, he’s conducted thousands of auctions and is frequently engaged in court ordered sales involving adversarial circumstances, high crime neighborhoods and large amounts of cash. Security and self defense is a daily concern in his business.

Tom is a passionate supporter of the second amendment and is a member of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners Action League. With more than a decade of experience as a precision manufacturing executive, he combines mechanical know-how and firearms knowledge to help students understand and properly select firearms that best suit their needs. Tom delivers training in an easy to understand format that prepares students to become safe and educated gun owners. He’s a respected instructor and is highly regarded by his students. Tom Weitbrecht is a certified NRA basic pistol safety instructor, NRA certified range safety officer and Massachusetts State Police certified firearms safety instructor. MSP Instructor: BFS 003969 NRA Instructor & RSO: 188873982