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** Covid-19 Notice, we are OPEN and providing training. You will receive your certificate to apply for your Massachusetts LTC.  If you attend our semi-private safety class, you will qualify to attend a semi- private Live Fire Class for an additional $100 fee, in Holbrook  **

Do you want to get your license to carry? Do you plan to carry daily, or are you more interested in target shooting or hunting?  Becoming a competent shooter is a process that requires expert training with real firearms.  Each type of gun is suited for a specific range of needs. Selecting a the right firearm is like choosing the right golf club. Our LTC course contains the core curriculum of the NRA Home Firearms Safety Course, but focuses on the specific needs of each student. We offer our students expert live fire training in a semi-private training environment.  You MUST take our non-live fire basic firearms safety class in Rockland, MA BEFORE taking our live fire class.

Our basic Firearms Safety Class is a semi-private class that fulfills the Massachusetts firearms safety class requirement to apply for your Massachusetts license to carry (Mass LTC).  We discuss the laws in MA and neighboring states and where you may and may not carry a firearm is part of the curriculum. Students learn about semi automatic pistols, revolvers, single and double action mechanisms. You will learn the different types of firearm & ammunition malfunctions, how to deal with them and where you can and cannot carry a firearm. We discuss the licensing process in Massachusetts.

Semi-Private Class room training is conducted in Rockland, MA and runs approximately 3.5 hours.  (PLEASE NOTE: STARTING IN SEPTEMBER 1st 2021 ALL CLASSES WILL BE HELD AT OUR NEW LOCATION IN ROCKLAND, MA)  Training is conducted during the week, with classes starting at 9:00 AM  in the morning.  Weekend classes are available.  Training is conducted on a semi-private basis. The fee for the semi-private Non-Live Fire LTC class is $125*.    To schedule your semi-private class, register now at this link.

Private Classes are available with prior arrangements for groups of 6-12 at our facility in Rockland, MA  Please contact us for information.

Semi-Private Live Fire class will be available to students who have attended our class, on a limited basis, at an additional cost of $100 for the Live fire class.  All Live Fire training is conducted in Holbrook, MA.  Live Fire Training runs approximately two and a half hours.

LTC holders in need of “brush up” instruction, or re-certification are welcome.  We take pride in our ability to help shooters understand the proper techniques that will lead to a lifetime of safe and competent firearm ownership.

South Shore Gun Training is fully licensed and insured.  All of our instructors are licensed, certified and insured.

* Due to Moon Island live fire shooting qualification requirements, Boston and Brookline residents will likely require extra training at an additional cost, although it is unclear what the current policies are given the Codid-19 pandemic.  Contact your Police Department Directly for more information.

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