Want to get your license to carry in Massachusetts? Our class will give you the knowledge and trigger time you need to become a competent and safe gun owner. We individually tailor our class to your specific needs. Training with a firearm simulator is like using a video game to teach drivers ed. Firearms simulators do not prepare you to shoot a real gun. Our program includes a generous amount of range time with several different handguns. Range time is an important part of our training program.

Our training is conducted at the Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club in Braintree, MA. We interview students to understand their needs and train them with the hand guns that best match their needs. We provide classes for new shooters who need to learn from the ground up and experienced shooters that want to brush up on their skills with a refresher course. Call or email today and we will be happy to discuss your firearm training needs. South Shore Gun Training is fully licensed and insured.